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Dear students,

I am very happy that you are interested to write a paper on some strategy topics. In our lecture´s drop box you´ll find some – hopefully – interesting proposals:

  1. Managing disruptive innovations. A groundbreaking new approach by Clayton M.  Christensen to be sucessful as a head e.g. of any high tech company.
  2. Chandler´s sucess formula to change a company in the long term. Always obey his law: Structure follows strategy and technology follows structure. Most companies don´t know Chandler and fail to implement strategies sucessfully.
  3. Hofstede´s cultural dimensions. A comparison oft two different cultures. How to overcome obstacles in daily business in an international company.
  4. Hamel and Prahalad´s revolutionary concept on Core Competencies´. Something that changed the world since the 90s significantly.


  1. Write your paper in a scientific way: . If you do have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you like, send me your messages via Skype.
  2. Please send me your preferred topic, a short description of the purpose (What´s the benefit of your paper? The reason?) and a short table of contents that helps „easy to read“ your paper  (e.g. 1. Purpose 2. Current Situation/ Big Picture 3. Strength/ Weaknesses / Final Summary/ Recommendation)
  3. Please don´t forget plagiarism:

Kind regards  Hartwig Maly

P.S.: I hope you´ll get home safe and never forget your studies in Germany.