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The human nose can detect more than 1 trillion different smells instead of 10.000. According to some new research [1] by Andreas Keller of Rockefeller University suggesting that we are much better at telling odours apart than research previously thought. And possibly a more interesting target for highly sophisticated manipulating attacks.  It´s well known that female humans are able to smell some aspects of the MHC genes of potential sex partners and prefer partners with MHC genes different from their own. MHC, the major histocompatibility complex, plays an important role in our immune systems. So it seems to be important for our species to diversify our genetic disposition to encrease the probability of our descendants to survive. The right choice of an appropriate sex partner seems to be crucial. Everything changing female humanes ability to smell the right partner could have serious consequences. For example contraceptive pills, respectively the active substances estrogen and progestin. Using them could lead – genetically spoken – to a wrong choice of potential partners.

No chance at all to control this process consciously during the transfer of „smell-data“ from the vomeronasal organs, detecting molecular stimuli, to the limbic system. Smell is always our first sensory impression if we come across new situations. Extremely subtle and fast acting processes. An opportunity to compose chemical compounds in a highly sophisticated way to get more precise effects. E.g. like chocolate producing companies using structural similarities like beween the group of sex hormones ´pheromones´and cinnamon, vanilla with euphorian effects to sell more chocolate shortly before Christmas. Would be interesting to do some modellings in highly parallel processing super computers to get the ideal mixture of olfactory compounds for every purpose. It´s a dream of course to buy a tailor-made  parfume so that everybody appreciates us or supports our career or whatever we wish to get. And it should remain a dream. Please remember Patrick Susskind´s „Perfume: The Story of a Murderer“ and the end of his Story. But we can´t be sure. Do you like some additional interesting Information regarding this topic and the present state of research? Ok. Please start the related talk.

1] The Guardian,